What is your Ultimate Fear?

If you suffer from scrupulosity you must ask yourself the following question: What is your Ultimate Fear?  The answer to this question will probably be the same among all scrupulous persons.

The ultimate fear is entangled very deeply within the scrupulous:

Q: Why do you go to Confession twice a week?

A: Because I may have committed a mortal sin?

Q: Do you know for certain that it was mortal?

A: No

Q: Then why do you go so often?

A: Just in case.  So I don’t commit the sin of sacrilege.

Q: Why are you so afraid?

A: Because I might be condemned if I commit the sin of sacrilege by accident.

The ultimate fear is condemnation for the scrupulous.  It is the fuel of the fire.  We must understand that this is an irrational fear for a devout Catholic who tries his/her best to live out the precepts of the faith.


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