Reverse Psychology: Do Not Worry

It is important that the scrupulous realize that they are to being too preoccupied with the possibility of committing sin.  I have an antedote to this problem.  The scrupulous probably define a sin by the breaking of one of the Ten Commandments.  They may fail to realize the many Commandments that Jesus instituted.  One of them being ‘DO NOT WORRY.’ We see this commandment in the following Scriptural passage:

And he said to his disciples: “And so I say to you: Do not choose to be anxious about your life, as to what you may eat, nor about your body, as to what you will wear. (Luke 12:22)

The bottom-line is that the scrupulous could possibly be breaking this Commandment every time they ruminate or worry about the sins they may have possibly committed.  Be scrupulous about this Commandment!


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