Quote of the Day

“I have not sinned, yet my eye remains in bitterness. Free me, O Lord, and set me beside You, and let the hand of anyone You wish fight against me. You have set their heart far from discipline; therefore, they will not be praised. He promises prey to his companions, but the eyes of his sons will grow faint. He has posted me like a proverb to the people, and I am an example in their presence. My eyesight has been clouded by indignation, and my limbs have been reduced, as if to nothing. The just will be astounded over this, and the innocent will be stirred up against the hypocrite. And the just will cling to his way, and clean hands will increase strength. Therefore, be converted, all of you, and approach, for I do not find in you any wisdom. My days have passed away; my thoughts have been scattered, tormenting my heart. They have turned night into day, and I hope for light again after the darkness.” (Job 17:2-12 CPDV)


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